Title Searches & Title Insurance

Jeffries Abstract and Title Company provides title searches, title insurance, closing and escrow services for clients in Laclede County, Missouri. For information about the history of a property or to order title insurance, give us a call at 417-532-7189.
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Title Searches

A title search is a "background check" of the property. The search looks for anything that might affect the property and the sellers right to sell. We look for mortgages, unpaid taxes, liens and unity of title.

Title Commitments

A title commitment is a statement of the condition of the property. It discloses any issues the title search revealed and includes a list of requirements that would need to be met in order to issue title insurance and ensure clear title. Such requirements would include paying any existing liens and unpaid taxes, and recording any documents required to clear title.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is issued once the requirements of the title commitment have been met. (If the requirements are not met, title insurance might be issued but those items would not be covered by the title insurance policy.) A title insurance policy provides you with peace of mind.


Closing is your "final step" to ownership. Closing involves the signing of loan documents, if applicable, and the documents required to transfer ownership of the property. By or at closing, any issues disclosed on the title commitment have been or are taken care of such as collecting from the seller any funds necessary to pay off any mortgages, liens or unpaid taxes. We also handle the recording of the warranty deed, deed of trust, and any other documents required to transfer ownership.
We provide escrow services for earnest money. We deposit your earnest money into our escrow account where it will be held until closing and then applied to the Closing Disclosure/Settlement Statement. If it becomes necessary to refund the earnest money, a mutual release or similar documentation signed by buyers and sellers will be required. Personal checks for earnest money must be deposited in our escrow account a minimum of ten business days prior to closing or refund.